"What's with the string?"

"Story, old story, a knot. Cannot unmake. A man comes. He ignores rules for unmaking a knot. Cuts it. Then, no knot. Also no string. (...) It is bad. Cannot unmake knot. Cannot. Can cut knot, but then no string. Broken string. Bad."

"(...) So why bother with it then? Just get some new string."

"No new string. (...) Follow rules, cannot fix. Is bad, will always be bad. Break rules, remove bad but also break thing. No. Need different, eh... different... different... Different solution."

(Mackenzie and Ramos)

In human society, he's just another homeless mumbling weirdo, maybe one of those people who ought to be in a mental hospital but isn't for economic reasons. He seems mostly harmless, though.

In Garou circles, he's pretty much an unknown, especially where the locals are concerned.

Roleplay Logs

Date Title Summary
09 Sep 2014 Knotted String Mackenzie shares her food and listens to Ramos mumble about string.
21 Sep 2014 Move, Move Val and Slug are shooed away from the spot where they're talking.
01 Oct 2014 The Ground Shakes The ground shakes. Ramos draws lines with chalk. Quoz and Mack get nosy.
07 Oct 2014 Dirty Joke Ramos has a spirit buddy that likes offerings of off-color humor, so he gets one. From Nicodemus.
14 Oct 2014 Tension in the Park Ramos' chalk-graffiti in Harbor Park gets noticed. Certain things are made clear. To him, at least. Well, he tried.
04 Nov 2014 Eavesdropping Ramos uses Heightened Senses to listen in on a conversation.
09 Nov 2014 Donuts and Coffee Ramos has a talk with Nicodemus at Andy's Donuts.